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Common passport issues

Not all passports are accepted by the Schengen member states, either as a whole or for individual states. Please review the list below to see if your specific passport or travel document is accepted


A passport older than 10 years is not acceptable for visa issuance. The age of a passport is determined from the original date of issuance. Later extensions of the passport are not grounds for exceptions to this rule.

Documents to which a visa cannot be affixed

  • Fantasy passports (examples are "passports" issued by minorities, sects and population groups and identity documents issued by private organisations or individuals).
  • Camouflage passports (Passports of former States no longer in existence).
  • Documents of territories which are not internationally recognised.

Applications with bearers of passports falling within the above categories cannot be decided upon by the Embassy but will instead be submitted for review to the Danish Immigration Service.

Approvals are generally based on strong humanitarian or political reasons and if approved, a visa will be issued into a separate document.

Further information is available here (please review "List of known fantasy and camouflage passports").

Specific passports

The following is a non-exhaustive list of limitations for certain passports. The full list of conditions can be found here (please review "Travel documents issued by third countries and territorial entities (Part I)").


  • The Canadian Travel Document (blue) must be signed by the bearer in order to allow entry to Germany. If you transit through a Schengen country on your way to Germany, then a visa is required.
  • The Canadian Certificate of Identity (grey or brown) is only accepted by Denmark for the countries that are represented by the Royal Danish Embassy.


  • Bangladeshi passports in the E-series are not accepted by Denmark for visa issuance. This includes both visitor and transit visas.


  • In order for a Schengen visa to include Germany, a copy of the applicant's Cameroonian identity card must also be submitted.


  • Denmark only recognizes the A and G series passport provided that the issuing authority is indicated as one of the 18 Iraqi provinces or Baghdad.


  • Denmark does not recognise the T-series passport.


  • Denmark only recognises this passport if it contains a stamp with the person's identity, date and place of birth, date and place of issue and expiry data translated into French or English.

Saudi Arabia

  • Denmark only recognises this passport if the applicant presents a validated translation of his/her ID-card, which should indicate birth place.
  • If the passport is issued from 2002 to a person not being of Saudi Arabian nationality, the passport must include a permission to return to Saudi Arabia.


  • No types of Somali passports are  accepted by any of the countries represented by the Royal Danish Embassy.
  • important notice

    Please be advised that the total process for obtaining a visa consists of several parts:

    • It can take up to 14 days to obtain an appointment with VFS for submitting your application.
    • Once your application arrives at the Embassy, the processing time begins. The processing time varies depending on the current workload. Please see the front page for the current processing time.
    • Included in the overall handling time is also the shipping of your documents from VFS to the Embassy as well as the return from the Embassy to you.


    The processing times may be longer than this during peak travel season (May, June, July, August and December) due to case volume or if cases require further scrutiny.


    Please note that neither the Embassy nor our consulates can be held responsible for technical difficulties, human errors or shipping delays in the processing of passports, permits and visa applications.



    It is the applicant’s responsibility to apply in time for the intended departure.



    For passports: 5 weeks prior

    For permits: 3 months prior

    For visas: 1 to 3 month prior is recommended.