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The information collected in this section will be helpful in your travel preparations, whether you are planning to spend your holiday in Denmark, study in Denmark or travel on business.

Rejse og ophold

Denmark still has old bilateral visa agreements with Canada that precede the Schengen agreement. These bilateral visa agreements may be enforced under certain conditions.

The bilateral visa agreements can be used if the visitor plans to spend more than 90 days in the Schengen region.

The bilateral agreement allows Canadian citizens to travel to Denmark and the other Nordic countries visa exempt for up to 90 days per every period of 180 days on the condition that the 90 days visa exempt period according to the Schengen rules has been spent outside of Denmark and the other Nordic countries prior to the visit to Denmark.

The bilateral visa agreements are valid for visits to Denmark and the Nordic countries only.

Canadian citizens who plan to take advantage of the bilateral agreement should note that they should not enter the Schengen region through Denmark or any of the Nordic countries. If they spend any amount of time in Denmark and/or the other Nordic countries in the first 90 days of their visa exempt period according to the Schengen agreement, they cannot claim the following 90 days visa exempt period for Denmark and the Nordic countries.

As passports will not be stamped when travelling between the Schengen countries, we highly recommend that documentation such as bus/train/flight tickets to Denmark as well as hotel receipts and anything else that can document the stay in Denmark and the Nordic countries, is kept handy in case the border police at the Schengen border will ask about the stay.

If you have any questions to the above, please contact the Royal Danish Embassy in Canada before finalising your travel plans.