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Step 1: Start Application Online

Travelling for Christmas in 2019?

Please note that in order to ensure a timely delivery of your visa in time for travelling for the Christmas break in 2019, your application needs to arrive at the Royal Danish Embassy no later than Wednesday December 4th 2019. This will allow for processing as well as shipping back. Applications received after December 4th may not be processed in time for you to travel for Christmas.



Start you visa application online via the ApplyVisa Portal.

Please read this notice regarding multiple entries prior to applying.


Questions regarding the application process?

Please contact VFS Global at 1-866-978-5904


Visa Fees

Processing Times

Do you need a visa?

Visiting Multiple Destinations?

Visa Service Provider Information

Does Your Passport Allow Entry to Schengen?

Nationalities Subject to Prior Consultation



Do you need a visa?

Canadian citizens do not require a visa for visits under 90 days, however if you are a foreign national living in Canada as a permanent resident, temporary permit holder (such as a work permit, study permit or similar), then you may require a visa.

For a complete listing, please click here.

Visiting Multiple Destinations?

Applications for visas must be submitted through the Embassy representing the country of the main purpose of your trip, as defined by the following guidelines:

  1. If you are going on a combined business and tourism trip, the destination country for your business trip is your main destination unless the tourism stay is significantly longer than the business stay..
  2. If you are visiting multiple countries for strictly business or tourism purposes, the country where you spend the majority of your time is your main destination.
  3. If you are visiting multiple countries for strictly business or tourism purposes and the majority of length of stay is the same in two or more countries, then the first of these countries you enter will be your main destination.

If one of the above applies to Denmark (including Greenland and the Faroe Islands), Iceland or Sweden, please proceed. If not, then you must submit your application through the country that fits one of the above guidelines.

Visa Service Provider Information

VFS Global is the only official service partner of the Royal Danish Embassy in matters regarding visas and residence permits. In addition to recording your biometrics and verifying your documentation, VFS Global also offers additional services, such as form filling, photo copying and application tracking for approved additional fees.

The Embassy is aware that other companies are offering appointment booking and assistance filling in a manual form. However, the Embassy is not associated with these companies and do not accept manual forms.

For more information regarding VFS, please click here.

Does Your Passport Allow Entry to Schengen?

Not all passports are accepted by the Schengen member states, either as a whole or for individual states. Please review this list to see if your specific passport or travel document is accepted. This list is updated continuously, so please review this information closely.

Nationals Subject to Prior Consultation

Certain nationalities are subject to an extended consultation period, allowing the central authorities in member states additional time to perform security checks. A list of these nationalities can be found in the Visa Code Handbook annex 16.

This is an electronic process, which can not be bypassed or accelerated. It can take up to seven days to be completed.


The case processing at the Embassy is based on the Schengen visa code as well as national Danish legislation. You can access all of this information via the following links:

Manual applications are also available:

Please continue to Step 2 - Collect Documents.


Questions regarding the application process?

Call VFS Global at 1-866-978-5904 or send them an email.


Information about processing times is available here.


Please note: Neither the Embassy nor our consulates can be held responsible for technical difficulties, human errors or shipping delays in the processing of passports, permits and visa applications.