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Welcome to The Danish Trade Council in North America (TC North America)

TC North America is part of the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and from our office in Toronto we work to promote Danish exports and business interests in Canada and the U.S. to foster long lasting partnerships between Danish and North American business interests. 

With a mixture of well experienced Canadian and Danish employees, we assist companies in a range of assignments from partnership searches to in-depth market strategies.

We strongly believe that Denmark has a lot to offer Canada. In the last decade, Danish Export to Canada has grown by significant amount annually which has now made Canada one of the strongest growing export markets for Danish companies.

English and French are the two official languages of Canada, which makes communication easier for Danes wishing to do business here . Also contributing to export growth is the open mindedness of the Canadian population as well as the fact that Canadian values and preferences are very similar to Danish values and preferences. A stable and predictable political framework, coupled with a British inspired legal system, and lack of corruption, also adds to the attractiveness of doing business in Canada.

We like to brand Canada as the “Scandinavian part of North America”.  With this simplification we try to illustrate that Canada is a relatively “easy” export market, which all Danish companies with export and/or export aspiration should consider.

Please study and enjoy the following pages on how our TC North America office in Toronto can work with you and your company to gain the most from working in this wonderful and inspiring country which has been labelled one of the best countries in which to do business. 

Find information on your particular area of interest or trade by visiting our Sectors in Focus site.