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The Arctic

The Kingdom of Denmark consists of three equal entities: Greenland, the Faroe Islands and Denmark. Greenland and thereby the Arctic is an essential part of the joint identity of the Kingdom of Denmark. The values of the Kingdom are shared all across the realm with the Arctic Region being the home of part of the Kingdom's heart, history and population. 

The Kingdom of Denmark and Canada are close neighbours in the Arctic. Only 26 kilometres separate northern Canada and Greenland. This close geographical proximity underpins the close and ever increasing bilateral relationship between Canada and the Kingdom of Denmark. The Kingdom of Denmark and Canada are both founding members of the Arctic Council, which was established in 1996 upon the signing of the Ottawa Declaration, and both States are strong supporters of the Ilulissat declaration of May 2008 on the cooperation between the States bordering the Arctic Ocean.

These declarations constitutes the groundwork for the continuous effort of The Kingdom of Denmark and Canada to improve the well-being of the inhabitants of the Arctic, the sustainable development of the Arctic and the protection of the Arctic environment. Greenland has a very high degree of self rule and the Governments of Denmark and Greenland work closely together to ensure the  prosperity, safety and good quality of life of the population in Greenland.

The Kingdom of Denmark is committed to the Arctic Region also by sharing in the responsibility of the Nordic Council's involvement in the issues concerning the Arctic as an integral part of the Nordic Region. Hence, the Kingdom of Denmark joins its Nordic neighbours in a Nordic co-operation to strengthen the actions to improve the quality of life for the indigenous people in the northern areas and to support the social and cultural development for the Arctic people.

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