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the residence

The residence is the official home of the Ambassador as well as a space to hold official receptions. The Danish residence represents the modern timelessness of classic Danish design and architecture.

The Danish residence is the official home of the Ambassador during the years he or she is posted as Ambassador of Denmark to Canada. It is located in the historic residential neighbourhood Rockcliffe Park, not far from downtown Ottawa.
Despite being located in a historical neighbourhood, the residence is one of the newest in the area, as construction was finished in April 1972. The residence is designed by three Danish architects – Jarl Heger and Karen and Ebbe Clemmensen – their vision were to make a combination of timeless rusticity and modern simplicity as well as inviting the outside in, a classic 1970’s Danish style. The architectural style makes the light flow though the rooms, which creates a nice unity between the interior and the exterior.
All materials for the house have been imported from Denmark except for the wood siding and massive crossbeams, which are from British Columbia. The most recent renovation at the residence was in 2015 when the entire roof was raised and re-shingled and skylights from the Danish company Velux were installed.
The Residence has 445 square meters (4.790 square feet) of living space, which has been planned with an eye for easy circulation. The space is important for the ambassador’s work as he or she often host events ranging from small dinners to large receptions, as a way of strengthening the friendship between Denmark and Canada.


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